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Field59 Video Solutions: Your video, your way.

We make video publishing easy.
Live stream or long-form online video doesn’t have to be complicated. We’ve simplified the tools that make it easy to stream, upload, manage and deliver video quickly to your viewers. Viewable on desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones, your message is guaranteed to reach the widest audience possible.

Built for business. Built to scale.
We’ve built our platform from the ground up to be ready to handle high-demand traffic events. You can rest easy knowing that we provide a video system that can meet your up-time and traffic needs.

Adaptable to all workflows.
We understand each organization is different. So we provide tools that adapt to your specific workflow. Whether your workflow is a streamlined, editorial process or a website implementation, our platform provides a seamless experience.

Partners in success.
Field59 combines the best in technology, customer service and professional experience. We understand that you’ve put a lot of effort into creating video content. Together we can build a successful partnership delivering best-in-class video experiences for your viewers.

Our customers
Organizations that include media and production companies, healthcare providers, sports entities, conference organizers, business groups, and nonprofits rely on the Field59 Video Platform™ to achieve their online video goals. We’re happy to be providing solutions for Sinclair Broadcast Group, One Caribbean Media Limited, Civitas Media, Bahakel Communications, LeSea Broadcasting Network, Dubuque Tribune Herald, Adorable IO / Madison+, Granite Broadcasting Corporation, SourceMedia Group, and WSGNA.

Field59 Live Streaming

Stream live anywhere.

THMEDIA has successfully broadcast streams of high school football, volleyball, basketball, wrestling and swimming, with each generating a significant audience. This has allowed THMEDIA to create a dedicated local presence for live high school sports, rather than relegating local residents to hearing footnotes during the sports broadcasts of television stations that share its market area.

Field59 Paywall Options

Virtual tickets, online audience.

We worked with the Roller Derby World Cup to deliver four days of live streaming sports to a paying worldwide audience. A key part of the event’s success was the use of a paywall to grant all-access passes to users. After the World Cup, we provided video archive hosting of every match on the Roller Derby World Cup website.

Field59 Video Library

Live training, recorded results.

WSGNA pioneered an educational live stream broadcast for their members, providing a video experience that went beyond the webinar. Field59’s live stream recording feature enabled the video to be archived and viewed by members that missed the event. By archiving the live event video, a new learning opportunity was created. More members are now able to pay for and earn CEUs for this event, long after it has taken place.

Field59 Real-time Editing

Real-time editing, a real time saver.

Field59 is proud to offer an advanced, frame-accurate editor integration. Forscene provides real time cloud editing tools with automated detection and publishing of broadcast closed captions.

Field59 Captions

Reach new audiences with captions.

Automatically convert broadcast captions during video transcoding when a user generates a clip using Forscene’s frame-accurate editor. Captions are searchable, to allow for quick, real-time editing. The process of generating a closed caption file is simple, time-saving, and eliminates any work that stations might otherwise have to do to manually prepare caption files. For just dollars a day, broadcasters are ensured FCC compliance.

Field59 Automated Workflows

Increase your efficiency with automated workflows.

We worked with to create a completely hands-free solution for their online newscasts. Using the Field59 platform, we enabled the station to set up daily scheduled video streams on its website with just a single initial setup. These streams were recorded and automatically published to smart playlists embedded on their site. The station now uses these smart playlists to organize its recorded newscasts and automatically display the most recent content for easy user access.

Field59 Video Analytics

Analyze your traffic, grow your audience.

If you’re looking to track your video views and engagement, we’ve got it. We work with Google Analytics and can do a custom Omniture integration.

Field59 Video On the Go

Capture and publish on the go.

Using the Field59 mobile app, KMVT’s reporters and photojournalists have been shooting video clips from the field using their mobile devices. These videos are uploaded via cellular and wifi connections so that their digital team can quickly publish breaking news to their website within moments of the video being captured.

Field59 Ad-serving Expertise

Deliver value with advertising and sponsors.

We use our ad-serving expertise to help you hit your online revenue goals from day one. Our system comes capable of serving pre-roll, post-roll, and mid-roll spot advertisements, turning your video streams into new ROI-positive revenue streams.

Our streaming technology comes equipped with the ability to automatically detect your commercial breaks and insert your own, locally sold advertisements. This means our product not only pays for itself, but creates new revenue streams for your business.

Field59 24/7 Customer Support

Real people, real support.

Available 24/7, online an on-call. We’re here to help when there’s a problem. Use our extensive online video Knowledge Base for tracking down your questions.