We’re pleased to announce the roll out of a new, and efficient workflow improvement to the Forscene editor.

Forbidden Technologies’ Forscene cloud editor provides fast remote visibility of video assets, enabling users to easily clip, edit, and caption digital content. 

Forscene and Field59

About Forscene and Field59

Field59’s partnership with Forbidden dates back more than a decade. Field59 staff (at the time with Broadcast Interactive Media) worked with Forbidden to pioneer frame-accurate editing for digital publishing of local television video.

An Improved Publishing Workflow

Field59 button within the Forscene Editor menu

Our most recent collaborative project introduces a more efficient publishing workflow via a new Field59 button, accessible in the left-hand menu in the editor.

Previously, our customers would create a clip in Forscene, and publish to the MPEG button. The title of the video would transfer over to Field59, but no other metadata. Users would need to switch between their Field59 account and the Forscene editor to populate any additional metadata as they publish a series of clips.

Now, by using the new Field59 button, users can pre-populate Title, Summary, Description, and Tags/Keywords, as well as change the Category from the default of News, without toggling between the Field59 and Forscene interfaces.

This will save users time for each video published, and will be especially useful when publishing multiple clips in a row.


The Field59 button as a new improved worfklow feature in the Forscene Editor

All of this data is now passed to our customer’s Field59 account along with the rendered video clip!

To learn more about Forscene, check out these articles in our Knowledge Base:

You can also learn more about Forscene at Forbidden’s website, forscene.com.

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