MRSS is short for Media RSS, an extension of the RSS format used for syndicating multimedia files (audio, video, image) in RSS feeds. When you create a smart or manual playlist, a MRSS feed is automatically created. It follows a simple URL pattern pattern and uses the following elements:

  • Player Source URL –
  • User Identification – This will be the identification given to your publishing account and will be the same for all videos and playlists. This should match your account name. This data can come from a root-level field that can be manually entered. It is not case-sensitive.
  • Key – This is unique for each playlist.

To access the MRSS for a given playlist, open the playlist in the Field59 manager. Locate the “Feed” button near top right. Clicking on that button will copy the URL to the feed.

MRSS Feed button, Field59 Manager

Field59 MRSS feeds support RSS version 2.0. Full specifications can be found here: MRSS video feeds are a good way for you to syndicate your video to other providers if needed.

JSON versions of MRSS feeds are also available by appending “.json” to the end of the Feed URL. JSON feeds allow for the development of apps for Amazon’s Alexa.

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