This article describes how to configure and access a Media Center page.

Media Center is a collection of your account videos in a dedicated, publicly accessible display.

Display to the Public

The URL format for a given account is “[ACCOUNT].html”

Videos that you have created (via manual desktop upload, mobile upload, Blackbird editor, video trim or API workflow) are presented to the end user.  Users can see all videos, playlists that have been specifically added to Media Center, or search for videos.

Clicking on a video or playlist takes the user to a page and begins to play the video (or first video in a playlist).

How to configure the Media Center

In the Setup tab, a user can configure an account’s Media Center for each account the user has access to, if the user is a superuser. Here are the following items that can be configured:

Logo: The photo should be .jpg, .png. or .gif, 512 KB or smaller, size of 220×124.

Logo Link: Enter the URL for the logo to link to. Please ensure the URL starts with http:// or https://

Page Title: Give your Media Center a title. This displays in the browser window or browser tab.

Copyright: Provide text for a copyright statement.

Google Analytics ID: Users can input a Google Analytics account UA-ID into this field to add Google Analytics tracking to the Media Center page. Please note we are not defining any custom metrics aside from Google default tracking at this time.

Show All Videos: Checking this option adds the “All Videos” navigation item.

Search Widget: Checking this option adds the search function to the navigation.

Add Playlist / keyword(s): Customers can define what displays under “Playlists” using this button. A popup modal contains three fields. “Media Item Label” allows you to define a title for a playlist. “Playlist Key” allows you to paste a key of an existing playlist. Or, rather than using an existing playlist, you can generate one on the fly using “Keywords”. Specify what keyword(s) the Manager should search against in order to return videos for that display term.

Color & Style: A Media Center page has default colors and styles. These can be customized. Under “Simple”, users can define colors for the background, foreground, text, and highlighted item. Or, for more advanced users, these settings can be defined via CSS. Base CSS can be applied as a starting point.

Publishing a Media Center page

Click the “active” button at top right to make the Media Center page publicly accessible for the account.

The View button opens the page in a browser window. The Iframe button copies a frame that allows the user to embed the Media Center on other websites. The URL button copies the Media Center URL link.

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