This article discusses audio monitoring options for live event production using a live stream published to the Field59 platform.

Monitoring audio during your event production is a good idea for many reasons. Having a visual representation of audio helps to prevent clipping. It also is another verification that your video feed is being received by the encoder you are using.

While Field59 does not offer any built-in volume unit meter (VU meter), if you have an encoder with multiple SDI outputs, there are several options we can recommend, at various cost levels:

These options will lighten your pocketbook, however, we also can vouch for a free “Do It Yourself” option.

  • First, you will need to download the VLC player.
  • Next, open your Field59 live stream in VLC.
  • Then, go to Audio > Visualizations, and open one of the audio visualizers.

The one caveat to this workflow is that it’s not in real-time because you’re monitoring audio on the stream after its gone through our live transcoding platform, rather than monitoring the source itself. Depending on the environment in which you are doing production, this may not be ideal.

Happy monitoring!

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