This article describes how to create delete rules to manage video storage in a Field59 account.

Field59 superusers may wish to create jobs that automatically remove videos from a Field59 account after some time.

After logging in, go to Setup > Delete Rules. Click the orange New button at top right. Populate these fields:


Rule Title (required): Provide a descriptive title under “Rule Title” so that you know what this rule is doing at a glance.

Under Search Criteria, define the search that will be performed to find assets to mark as deleted.

Delete All Videos Older Than (required): choose a number. In the dropdown, choose Day, Week, Month, or Year to set your time frame.

Category (optional): Defining a category will limit the rule to delete only videos with that category.

Additional keywords (optional): Define keyword(s) will limit the rule to delete only videos with the provided keyword(s).

Video Title (optional): Defining a title will limit the rule to delete only videos with the provided title.

Select “Rule Enabled” at bottom right to activate the rule. This will ensure that Field59 runs the rule at the top of the next hour. Then save when complete.

Rules are run hourly. Videos that match the search criteria in a rule will be marked as deleted.

Actual purging of items occurs daily, at midnight UTC. There is a 14-day grace period between items being marked as deleted and actual purging, so if you believe you have made an error in configuration of content removal, please contact TownNews support and we can assist in restoring assets if still inside the 14-day grace period.

Please note Field59 delete rules will only mark as deleted the video assets in the Field59 account itself. It will remove a Field59 video player from displaying to end viewers. It will not remove assets from BLOX CMS or any other downstream application where assets have been created that refer to a Field59 video player embed code but the publishing status of the asset itself is controlled by the other application. As a result, you may end up with an empty but still published assets in that downstream application.

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