Field59 Release Notes
We’ve released the Field59 Video Manager 2.38 update. Here are the latest improvements:


Audio encoding

As more content is consumed through connected TVs, OTT devices and other third-party platforms (which may have accompanying sound systems), it’s important to have good sound quality. So we’ve increased our audio bitrate for encoded videos to CD-level audio quality, which should improve the listening experience.


Relevancy now available for API search

Previously, search requests using our Search API only returned results by date. We’ve added a new parameter, “sorting”, to allow results to return the most relevant results. (Relevancy is determined by a weighted formula that takes into account where in the video metadata a search term matches.) Please see our Search API documentation for full details on how to use sorting and other API parameters.


Player div targeting

We’ve added a new method by which customers can override the div to which the v4 player loads. This is useful for customizing positioning of a player on page load. Please see Div targeting via JavaScript in our CMS Integration Guidelines documentation for more information. Please note this is not available for players older than v4 players.


Bug fixes
  • Auto-advance in v4 HTML5. An issue causing v4 HTML5 playlists to not auto-advance in certain situations has been resolved.
  • Search v4 HTML5. An issue preventing search results from displaying in v4 HTML5 playlists has been resolved.
  • Edit page preview. An issue preventing¬†users from being able to preview videos from Edit pages in the manager has been resolved.
  • Event saving. We’ve resolved a problem where in certain situations a live stream Event set to record would not save even though there were no other conflicting record Events at that time.
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