Field59 3.1.7 has been released. This release contains:

Changes to Field59 Google SDK implementation

Earlier this year, Google changed its SDK, which introduced a reporting inconsistency with Field59 players if the player was utilizing auto-play. Ad impressions would run in players, but impressions were not getting tracked in Google Ad Manager.

In an effort to resolve this discrepancy, we have changed integration with Google’s IMA SDK for ad serving (FLD59-1424). These changes also impact our rules for when we auto-play versus restricting the player to user-initiated playback requests.

Previously we observed issues with players attempting to auto-play on desktop in Chrome and Firefox browsers, as well as inconsistent behavior in Edge/Internet Explorer browsers. As a result, we were enforcing user-initiated-only playback only in Chrome and Firefox (even if player configurations were set to auto-play.)

Here is an update on expected browser behavior and what we are supporting in our player at this time with this release. Please note browsers are subject to change their treatment of auto-play in the future, which could impact our ability to maintain auto-play. In general, user-initiated video playback is preferred for best viewer experience and typically higher pre-roll click-through rates.

  • Chrome: Chrome supports both muted auto-play, and unmuted auto-play, in certain circumstances depending on user behavior and interaction with the website and player:
  • Firefox: Auto-play is available if user grants permission to the browser.
  • Microsoft Edge: Auto-play is available.
  • Internet Explorer: Versions of Internet Explorer older than Microsoft’s Edge Browser are not compatible with Google’s rules for auto-play initiation of ads, so it does not support auto-play.
  • Safari and all mobile browsers: No changes here. We continue to support user-initiated playback (auto-play not supported).


List view in Field59 manager

We’ve increased number of items returned in list views in the Media tab from 12 to 25 (FLD59-1423).

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