We are pleased to announce our last major update of 2015. Here are the 2.26 release notes:

Secure API requests:

Requests to the Field59.com API (api.field59.com) can now be made over HTTPS (previously these requests needed to be made over the URL for our previous brand, Bimvid).

Smart Playlist search:

In previous releases we introduced improved search abilities with the introduction of Elasticsearch. This introduced an unintended side-effect in which Smart Playlist searches on keywords were not fully respecting keywords with dashes, because each word in the dashed keyword was treated separately. We have added a new method for playlist search to properly handle this scenario.

Playlist cap increase:

Previously Smart and Manual Playlists displayed a maximum of 25 items. This has been increased to 100 items.

Video play button graphic:

We’ve updated the graphic used for the play button in the player to improve some displays where thumbnails with significant amounts of white would obscure the play button.

We look forward to building more new features (we’ve got a lot of great stuff coming up!) into our platform for our customers in 2016!

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