After the beehive of activity that was the 2.23 release and several subreleases, 2.24 launched quietly into production recently. Here’s the latest from the team!

Media Center
We’ve previously offered customers a hosted page to collect and display all videos in an account, called Media Center. In this release we have overhauled Media Center design, improving user experience on desktop and especially mobile. (Here’s a nice simple example using our friends at Startup Grind Madison).

Media Center pages are still very customizable. A customer wishing to use it can set title, logo, colors, and determine what playlists are available (search and “all videos” can also be turned on/off as needed).

New to Media Center, aside from the overall design, is that videos click through to a page rather than a popup, for easy linking to individual videos or playlists. We’ve also removed the live stream functionality that was on this page (forthcoming development will do a better job with that, stay tuned!).

For more info on Media Center, see our Knowledge Base article.

This is very behind-the-scenes type of work, but we’ve been doing ongoing work to use Elasticsearch data indexing to improve our search capabilities. The newest achievement is that the API is now using Elasticsearch. We’ll have more front-facing development involving this work soon!

Another behind-the-scenes improvement is we’re working to unify all server monitoring onto a single platform. We’ve chosen CheckMK.

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