Normally we push out new functionality in bigger release sprints and then do occasional bug fixes. In the past month, however, we’ve sped up development on a number of items and pushed them out fast and furious as they have been completed. After a busy month, we thought we’d catch our breath and announce the updates.

Here’s what’s new!

Forscene items now immediately “in progress”
Previously, users clipping videos in Forscene had to wait for the file to begin transferring to see the database record in the Manager. Now, we are making that available immediately during transcoding. This allows users to more quickly populate metadata for the video and syndicate to playlists. This is especially helpful if you are publishing longer videos.

Google Analytics Live event tracking
Previously, we only tracked views in live channels at the channel level. We are now tracking at the event level. This means that if a customer has a live channel with multiple live events in it in the same day, we can now provide a breakdown of video views by event. Read more about what we track in Google Analytics.

V3 player
We continued work on the newest player version by adding live stream support. The V3 player, which is better optimized for mobile playback, is now being used live on some customer sites. Please get in touch with us to have it activated on your account.

Related videos
We’ve added a new player configuration that when enabled, will display related videos at the end of a single video player. The player will pull in recent videos with the same category as the single video. Read more about all of our player configurations.

Linear streaming
We’ve improved performance of linear streams by introducing new caching mechanisms.

HLS in MRSS feeds
We’ve added HLS output formats (.m3u8) for all videos in MRSS feeds that are generated when users create a smart or manual playlist.

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