Our second release of Q3 2015 is complete! Check out what’s new below.

Schedule-based publish to YouTube

Customers could previously set live and dead dates for videos in the manager. Customers could also previously push videos to YouTube. However, these were separate functions. New development has now combined these so that the publish to YouTube functionality respects the live date schedule in the manager.

New player in development

We are developing a new player. The new player brings improved mobile experience and other enhancements. While development is still in progress, in phase 1, we can now easily activate the new player for an account. (Note: this will not automatically upgrade previously published player embed codes or affect any embed codes templated in CMS systems). While we continue to work on enhancements for the new player, if customers would like to help test performance on customer websites, please let us know.

Teradek Slice

Field59 now officially supports Teradek Slice encoders.

New Field59 ingest URLs

As part of our ongoing branding transition from Bimvid to Field59, customers can now use new Field59 ingest URLs in their encoders. Existing bimvidlive.com publish point URLs will continue to work and be supported at this time, but please let us know if you’d like to convert your
publishing point to a Field59 URL.

Caption editing

If a customer adds or edits captions on an existing video file, new functionality allows videos to continue to be available for playback while the new version with updated captions is transcoded.

Bug fixes

Superusers were unable to create users that could log into the mobile upload apps for iOS and Android. This has been resolved.

Trimmed videos that are published to YouTube now publish the trim rather than the source video.

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