We are pleased to announce our first here in the third quarter of 2015. Two is our lucky number for release 2.22!

HD publishing in Forscene

Customers can now output 1280x720p video in Forscene. Your digital video has never looked better! Check out an example:

Linear streaming

Customers can now do live linear streaming through the Field59 Video Platform! What this means is that if you have an on demand video, and you want to stream it to “over-the-top” (OTT) devices such as Roku, AppleTV, or Amazon Fire, now you can easily create an .m3u8 stream containing your content and set a schedule for the content to stream.

  • We’ve changed “Live Event” type to just be “Event”
  • A new option in the “Stream” dropdown allows users to select “Linear” instead of one of the available live streams.
  • A new section for “Linear Content” is available on the Event form if the user sets the stream to Linear. This section allows users to associate a video key (or manual playlist key of multiple videos) with the linear event. This content is what will stream at the time set for the Event.

Read more about how to set up a linear event in our Knowledge Base. This is just the first step of our linear streaming functionality. We will be making more improvements in the future, stay tuned!

Manager.bimvid.com sunset

We have redirected the old manager.bimvid.com to the new manager.field59.com. All functionality remains the same.

Command line menu for capture boxes

For broadcast television customers using our video capture hardware, we’ve created a new command line menu to allow local IT/engineering staff to perform certain tasks related to the box. Contact us if you’d like to have this enabled on your video capture box.

MRSS feed update

Playlist MRSS feeds now include available bitrate information.

Event scheduling module

We’ve improved the logic that handles the Event scheduling for linear and live events to correct undesirable results such as ability to accidentally set events in the past, and needing to re-enter information if a change to another field resulted in an automatic and incorrect update to input information.

Time zone hover tool

Users can now hover over timestamps in the manager to discover the time zone for a given timestamp. (Particularly useful if you have multiple accounts set to different time zones!)

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