Here’s the latest updates from the Field59 team!


We’ve extended closed caption playback support in the player to cover all Android devices that support WebVTT caption tracks (

HTML5-first player configuration

Previously users could not select the HTML5-first player configuration and view live streams on desktop in some browsers, due to browser lack of support for HLS in HTML5 players. We’re adding a Flash fallback to account for those situations. (For now, users will need to manually update embed codes to “v4”, but we will be adding this to v3 players soon.)

Event Center

We’ve made a few updates to Event Center for customers that want to set up special pages for live stream events. Here’s what’s new:

  • If you are password protecting your event, previously our database didn’t allow display of the emails you’ve entered that are allowed to access the page. We’ve changed how we’re doing things to allow that.
  • If you want to specify only certain email domains (rather than inputting a specific list of email addresses) that can access a password-protected event, you can now do this.
  • If you want to white label the page, you can now do this by disabling the “Use Field59 footer” option.

And what would a code update be without squashing a few bugs!

  • We fixed a bug with using Trim Video where if you added an additional output to a video you clipped, the new output didn’t keep track of your original trim.
  • We fixed another bug where additional outputs added to an in-progress video coming from Forscene would not successfully complete.
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