In our most recent development release, we made updates that help customers stay current as general Internet trends are moving away from flash video.

HTML5 desktop captions

Customers with closed captions can now choose the HTML5-first player configuration and display captions in an HTML5 desktop player. Previously HTML5 caption support was limited to mobile players.

Please note that live streams with embedded captions do not have the additional settings menu to control caption appearance that is available for VOD playback. Captions can be styled in a separate <div> that is only available when an HTML5 player is provided captions via a sidecar file. Because live captions are only available to the player as embedded in the stream (no separate sidecar), we do not support the settings panel for live streams at this time.

“Clip…” menu item to launch Forscene

Some users were experiencing issues accessing the Forscene editor from Field59 due to browser blocking of flash objects. We have removed a dependency on Flash, so now “Clip…” should always be visible to customers using Forscene no matter how browser settings are configured.

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