We’ve been hard at work improving the platform for our customers. Check out these updates below!

Trim Video closed caption publishing:

Field59 has overhauled encoding workflows to ensure 100% support of closed captions when making video clips from captioned source videos using Field59’s Trim Video functionality.

Caption sidecars in MRSS feeds:

If a video has a closed caption sidecar file, that sidecar is now available in MRSS feeds.

Faster encoding workflows:

Users may observe faster processing times for videos manually uploaded via desktop interface, mobile app, and API workflows, as we’ve optimized our data center to encoding cloud workflow.

Field59 player now compatible with Joomla CMS:

We’ve rewritten player javascript to no longer rely on jQuery. This allows the player to be compatible with Joomla (which uses code that conflicts with jQuery).

Live stream platform software upgrades:

We’ve updated Wowza and Java software versions on our cloud live stream servers. We’ve observed improved server performance since the updates.

Bug fixes:

-A selected video in a playlist would continue to play preroll when a second video was chosen. This has been resolved. Clicking on a playlist thumbnail strip is now disabled during preroll playback.

Event Center workspace has been modified to more easily allow for drag-and-drop of more than 2 elements.

Live events set to repeat for a fixed number of weeks displayed an incorrect number in some instances. This has been resolved.

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