Release 2.25 is live! Here’s the newest functionality in the Field59 Video Manager:

New Search interface – The Search interface in the Media tab has been overhauled. A new “Refine” option allows users to search against specific data fields, including closed captions. There is also a new option to present results ordered By Date or By Relevance (previously all search results only returned by date).


In addition, the list view results now have a more “search like” appearance, akin to results from a Google, Bing or other search engine result, highlighting the term(s) that caused a given item to be returned in your search.


We hope these new features bring an improved search experience for you. Please let us know if you have any search ideas!

Watermarks – Users can now upload a watermark that will display as part of the player. Images display with a 50% opacity, and location in the player can be customized. Read more about watermarks and other player customizations.


News/information category update – We’ve split up “News/Information” into two unique categories: News, and Information. All items previously categorized as “News/Information” were changed to News. All items coming from Forscene editors will be categorized initially as News.

API update – Users accessing our API should now use to make secure requests. This replaces from our previous branding. We’ve updated our API documentation accordingly.

Daylight Savings Time – New functionality was added to permanently handle time changes for all repeating events no matter if they were created in Daylight time or Standard time.

We also squashed some bugs!

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