This article describes how to configure stream targets that allow the Field59 live cloud to act as a cloud encoder that publishes a live stream to a third-party destination such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter/Periscope, or other custom destinations.

Prior to creating a new stream target, you will need to obtain the proper server URL, stream key, and any other necessary information (port, application name) from the platform or destination for which you’d like to push your live stream from Field59. Please see our articles on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter/Periscope for details for those platforms.

After logging in to the Field59 Manager, click the Setup tab, then select Stream Targets from the left-hand navigation. If you have access to multiple accounts, select which account you want to link.

If you don’t already have any existing stream targets, click the Set up one now button, or Click “New”.

Provide a useful Title (particularly important if you set up multiple targets). Select a Stream this target will use from your available live streams. Under Type, select Facebook, Twitter/Periscope, YouTube or Custom.

If you choose Facebook, Twitter/Periscope, or YouTube, populate the URL and Stream Name or Key as provided by the platform.

If you choose Custom, meaning you want to push the stream to some other location, then you will have to provide a bit more information.


Host would be the RTMP destination / IP

Port would typically be 80, 443, or 1935 (confirm with the platform if you are unsure)

Username and Password would need to be populated if your destination platform requires and has provided you with that information.

Once you have populated your target, save and it will add to the list. You can edit a target at any point, including changing which stream is using the target, and saving will update the information immediately on our live cloud. Saving is also useful for platforms (such as Facebook) where the stream cannot be detected by the platform until a status change by the encoder.



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