This article details how to use Newtek’s TriCaster encoder and Adobe Flash to send video streams to the Field59 live stream platform.

After setting up the TriCaster encoder and the camera(s) you’ll use to capture the live stream, open the Streaming Configuration Panel in the encoder. TriCaster can encode and stream to Field59 using Adobe Flash.

In the Streaming Configuration Panel, find the area labeled Choose Connection Type and select Adobe Flash from the list of options, then click OK. The controls presented in the header of the Configure Stream Connection panel will update.

Connection Type - Adobe

The first thing you might notice is the Resolution menu at left beneath the Home field. This drop-down menu lets you choose from a list of streaming profiles labeled to show their respective frame rate (fps), resolution and bandwidth settings. We recommend the following settings:

  • Frame rate: 30 fps
  • Resolution: This is up to you. Keep in mind that larger resolutions paired with higher bitrates will look better on larger screens.
  • Bitrate: There are three options here. If you are streaming a standard definition (SD) signal or have limited bandwidth available, 500 Kbps is workable (though will not look great if viewers go full screen). For high definition (HD) video, 1000 Kbps (1 Mbps) is a viable minimum. Again here this may not be the best for viewers watching full screen. On full-screen presentations, 1500 Kbps (1.5 Mbps) is recommended. For full-screen HD, 2,000-3,000 Kbps (2-3 Mbps) is recommended.

TriCaster Resolution

To the right of this area will be the Server menu, where you’ll configure your stream settings:

  • In the Location field, enter the address where TriCaster will send the stream. (Provided by Field59)
  • In the Stream ID field, enter the stream ID. (Provided by Field59)

TriCaster Configs

When these settings are in place, you should then be able to use the TriCaster encoder to stream to the Field59 platform.

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