This article details how to use Dropbox with Field59 to create a video item in the Field59 Video Manager using a desktop browser.

When you create a video using the web manager user interface, you have options to upload from file (a video saved on your computer) or from URL (a video hosted on a publicly accessible server). The URL option can be much faster for large size videos up to 10 GB in size, because Field59 servers can contact your server over the Internet and quickly ingest a larger file without you having to wait for it to upload directly from your computer (and potentially a slower connection) like you have to do with the File button.

Use Dropbox with Field59

Dropbox is a popular file hosting and sharing service that you can use to generate file URLs that you can easily copy and paste into Field59’s video upload form. Here’s how to use Dropbox to generate a shareable URL that works in Field59.

First, log in to your Dropbox account at Locate a video file that you’d like to upload to Field59. Hover, but don’t click, on the video in Dropbox. You should see a “Share” button appear at the right. Click on “Share”:


Click “Create a link”:


Make sure the message that displays is “Anyone with the link can view this file”. Then click “Copy link”:


Finally, go into Field59, select “Video” from the orange New button at top right. Select the URL button, and paste your dropbox link into your Field59 URL upload.

Field59 Manager - upload video via URL

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