This article describes what information a customer needs to provide in order to store assets using Amazon Web Services, if the account does not wish to use the default Field59 storage solution.

Accounts by default receive storage in Field59’s Amazon Web Services storage. However, if the account has an existing AWS storage bucket or wishes to control its own bucket, the system does allow for this.

There are two methods by which we can connect to a customer Amazon storage. The first way is to add a “policy” to the Amazon bucket that allows the Field59 Video Platform access to the bucket. Then, provide the bucket name/S3 URL to Field59.

The other option is for the customer to create a user in the Amazon account that has access to the bucket. Then, provide the Amazon Access Key ID and Secret Access Key to Field59.

A final, optional configuration is the customer can provide an alternative CDN domain (if not using the Field59 CDN).

Support will work with you to configure appropriately during setup.

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