The player share tools allow viewers to share videos via the following methods: Facebook, Twitter, email, and embed code. However, when a video is in a smart or manual playlist, a user needs a permanent URL to share via these tools. Without a permanent URL, the link in the player would just share the page the playlist is on, but the videos available in a given playlist can rapidly change.

This article explains how to enable sharing of permanent URL links for videos in playlists.

First, set up a page on your site that will serve as the basic page in which shared videos will load. You can customize this URL in any way you’d like, for example: or

Next, add code to the share section you have created, following this convention:

<script src='//'></script><script>f59.autoload('[account]');</script>

An extra option you can do is place a version of this code in the footer of your site and target it to a div on the page that you have configured in the script. This approach can speed page load incrementally. Here is a convention for placing the code in the footer:

<script src='//'></script><script>f59.autoload('[account]','[div ID]');</script>

Don’t forget to create a div on your page that maps to the div ID in this script.

Once this is completed, send the URL of your new video share section to support. Once it is added to your account, videos in your playlists will pull in your share section URL and append a parameter that will be the permanent URLs in this format:[share section]?video=[file key]

On Facebook, this URL will embed the video for playback on a user’s Facebook timeline if your site has integrated Facebook’s Open Graph protocols for video. For more information on this, go to and see the “Attaching Audio and Video Data” section.

The og:video item will need to be generated and pointed to the Field59 system, using a URL of this structure:

“//[account]/[file key]”

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