Hinckley Productions

Established in 2005, Hinckley Productions is an independently-owned, full-service studio specializing in creating video for online distribution. Their mission is to deliver original, compelling and cutting-edge work, and they’re committed to consistent, reliable video delivery with the utmost integrity. They set themselves apart with their experience in multi-camera broadcasting and by creating compelling brand stories.

Digital production and live streaming are fast-growing video trends, and Hinckley Productions is leading the way. Founder Natalie Hinckley has built a diverse crew to meet the unique needs of each production.

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The era of the online platform as the leading way to consume video is here. We finally find ourselves in a climate where there is now a general understanding and acceptance of live streaming video and its possible applications. Being in the business of video content production, partnering with Field59 is a powerful relationship for us because it weds our skills with the developers of a robust streaming platform. This gives us the edge in our industry, having the ability to control all aspects of a live broadcast and the tools to manage the life of a video.

Natalie Hinckley

Founder, Hinckley Productions