This article describes how to create and use rules-based Event publishing in Field59 to quickly launch a live stream event.

Field59 offers ability to create a one-time or repeating Event to make a live stream viewable in an Event or Channel player at a specific time period. However, in a breaking news situation you can use a pre-configured Go Live Now rule to greatly reduce Event setup time. Here are steps to follow:

First, a superuser for your Field59 account should go to Setup > Go Live Now.

Create a New configuration by clicking the orange New button at top right. A form similar to the regular Event form appears. Populate the fields — Title, Category, Keywords, etc — the same way you would to normally create an Event. Keep in mind that the information provided here will be used each time this configuration is used, and that existing Channel players can pull in these Events if the Channel’s stream, category, and/or keyword criteria match.

Under Archive, if you want your configuration to create an event set to record, check Record Event, and set a default Recording Duration (this can be changed after you’ve published a Go Live Now event by changing the “Until” time under Record event in the Archive settings for the event.)

Make this default will pre-populate this configuration will be set as the default in the Go Live Now dropdown in Media > Events.

Once you have at least one configuration created and active, a new interface appears in Media > Events with a Go Live button. If you have more than one configuration, a dropdown appears where you can select which active configuration should be used.

Quickly create an Event by clicking the Go Live button. A modal appears, click Continue to confirm you intend to create an Event.

The Event will appear at the top to the right of the Go Live button.

You can then click into the Event to grab the player embed code, or if you are publishing this event to a Channel with matching criteria, it will automatically become available in a Channel asset player and XML feed.

You can edit this Event at any time if you need to change the information from the defaults you provided in the Go Live Now configuration.

You can end the Event at any time by clicking the Stop button.

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