This article details user interface changes resulting from a user belonging to multiple accounts.

If an account is part of a larger organization, or group, with multiple properties, a user may have access to video, playlist, and live event content from the other accounts that are part of the organization. (To have your user login configured with additional accounts, please use our support portal, and our support team will assist you in getting this set up).

There are a few differences for users with group permissions that are not specified in other articles in the Knowledge Base. These are:

1. Media tab list view. Users with groups have the option of setting account as a filter.

2. Creating a new videolive event or live channel. Users with groups must set the account when creating these types of content.

3. Creating a smart or manual playlist. Users with groups must set the owning account (this defines to which account the playlist will belong). The list of accessible accounts in the group is now a criteria that can be used to define content in smart playlists and as a search option for manual playlists.

4. Creating a new clip using Blackbird. When selecting “Clip…” from the New dropdown, users with groups receive a popup and select the account for which they wish to launch the Blackbird editor.

Please note that not all accounts in a group necessarily will have access to all of the above features, even if you see the account listed in the dropdown. If an account doesn’t have access, a message displays indicating this.

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