Forscene, Field59’s Professional Editing Software Partner



Field59 is a proud partner with Forscene, makers of the market-leading professional video editing software for collaborative productions and remote workflows. Forscene is the world’s most advanced cloud-based video post-production platform, and the solution of choice for professional video makers across the globe, in the broadcast, sports, news, corporate and education industries.

Forscene’s real-time editing and integration into the Field59 Video Platform™ provides quick and easy editing tools for broadcasters and live events. The Forscene editor is a frame-accurate editing and automatic closed captioning solution. Advanced users appreciate the Avid/Final Cut-like tools available, yet the user interface is easy-to-use for non-technical users. Broadcasters provide SD- or HD-SDI video inputs with embedded captions to our encoders, and video and captions are ingested in near-real time for editing.

We know that speed and accuracy matter to broadcasters. That’s why only the fastest, most accurate cloud-based system is used. As new workflows and technology develop, we will proudly continue to move forward with Forscene on new customer-driven development projects.

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