It’s an understatement to say that online video publishers today have a lot of options when it comes to creating content. Every day we find out about new content platforms, tools and services that our customers are using. We often find no two customers are alike when it comes to optimal publishing workflows to get a video into a Field59 account for distribution on web, mobile and OTT platforms. And that’s OK! We aim to build workflows that are best for our customers.

Here’s a quick look at our current video ingest options:

Field59 Video Ingest Options

Manual upload

 Users can upload a file to Field59 through our desktop manager Create Video form in two ways: You can choose a file from your computer, just like attaching a message to an email. Or, you can drop in a URL to a file from an accessible server (Dropbox file sharing is a popular use case here.)


Mobile upload app

 Use our free upload apps for iOS and Android to submit videos directly from a mobile device to a Field59 account.



 Broadcasters or live stream publishers can edit clips/highlights in the cloud in real-time by publishing video feeds to the Forscene editor.


Live stream recordings

Field59 live streams can be recorded and automatically turned into video assets in an account for post-event playback. Users can also use the Trim Video tool to clip out segments of the recording or remove dead air time from the start or end of a recording.



Publishing a feed of videos that you want imported to an account? Field59 can create custom script using that feed to import to your Field59 account. We’ll check that feed on a timed basis for new items in the feed that we can ingest.



If you like FTP workflows, we can create credentials to allow you to drop a file on an FTP location, and then move files over to your Field59 account on a timed basis, similar to the MRSS ingest.



Finally, if none of the above options are quite what you’re looking for, we have an API that would allow you to build your own custom applications to send video files to your Field59 account.

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