When you create or edit video, smart playlist, manual playlist, live event or live channel items, you will see a dropdown of 16 categories: Automotive, Business, Culture, Education, Entertainment, Games, Health, Lifestyle, News/Information, Political, Religion, Shopping, Sports, Technology, Travel, Weather.

Picking the category that best fits your content can be important depending on your organization’s advertising setup. Also, you may have playlists created that are using these categories.

The categories cannot be customized at this time (however you can fully customize your keywords, please see below).

Clients can also set a default category for an account. This allows the create video, playlist, event, and channel forms to have the category pre-set on load. If there is a category frequently used, this can save time for the user.

Superusers are able to set the default category for an account in the Setup tab.


When you create or edit a video, smart playlist, manual playlist, live event or live channel item, you are able to tag your item with keywords. Keywords come in handy when searching for previously published videos or for use in the creation and maintenance of video playlists.

Keywords are completely customizable. When you begin to enter a keyword, the keywords field will suggest words that have previously been used as keywords with your account. If you enter a new keyword, it will be stored after saving and be available as a suggested keyword.

Keywords are one of the available criteria for creating a smart playlist.

Like categories, keywords can also be used for ad targeting purposes.

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