Here’s the latest developments from Field59!

Event Center

Field59 Video customers can now create one-off pages with live stream and/or videos, as well as other elements like images, text, and chat. Event Center pages can be linked to directly or iframed on your website. Please see our new Knowledge Base article to learn more.

Player configurations

We’ve added two new player configurations:

  • HTML5-first: Selecting this configuration will load the HTML5 player in all environments where it is supported. (The default when this is not selected is to use a Flash player on desktop environments where Flash is supported). Please note that most desktop browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, still require Flash players for playback of HLS live streams, so you should not use HTML5 first if you want to play live streams on desktop. However, you can use this configuration for all on-demand video.
  • Display title: Selecting this configuration adds the title of the video to the top left corner of an embedded player. The title also re-appears when hovering over an actively playing video.

We’ve also added some descriptive text for each player configuration when you hover over them in the manager. Please see our Knowledge Base article for information on all available player customization options.

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