Forward Fest Live Stream Event

Held on Friday, August 19, 5:30PM – 7:30PM

Shobhan Thakkar and Rachel Neill invited you to join them for a discussion on the system, the failures, the consequences on the country. Last year at Forward Fest, Emily Baxter exhibited “We Are All Criminals”, a moving piece on the disparate impact of the criminal justice system on poor people and people of color.

This year there was a discussion centered around the criminal justice system, the failures of the system (i.e. lack of a fair trial), consequence of such failures (i.e. the economic impact) and how technology changed how the criminal system works and what changes will occur over the next five to ten years.

After a special forward from Emily Baxter, Carrie Sperling, of the Wisconsin Innocence Project, moderated panelists Dean Strang, Jerry Buting, Keith Findley and the Honorable Reverend Everett Mitchell. Dean and Jerry became a household name due to Netflix’s Making a Murderer and their representation of Steven Avery during Steven Avery’s criminal trial for the murder of Teresa Haibach.

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